5 Labour Day Party Appetizers

Uh-oh! In the midst of a busy, event-filled summer you forgot that you signed up to host a Labour Day party…and the day has arrived! You now have to act fast so you can feed your eager guests when they arrive in just a few hours. Don’t know what to make? Gold Seal comes to the rescue with a slew of fresh ideas!

Astonishing Appetizers

For appetizers, it’s always best to stick with lighter dishes so as not to spoil your guests’ appetites for the courses to come. Nothing fits this bill better than a Salmon Couscous Salad. With a power trio of herbs, a garden’s worth of veggies, and Gold Seal’s wild sockeye salmon, this is the perfect starter! Simply combine the ingredients and serve on radicchio leaves. So simple & effective, it’s radicchio!

Second up is this unbelievably easy starter, Salmon and Watermelon Salsa. Featuring fresh veggies and watermelon – as well as the leftover sockeye salmon you didn’t use in recipe above – this salsa goes equally well with tortilla chips or water crackers.

Now that your guests are savouring the wonders of the two dishes above, it’s time to fire up the BBQ for these BBQ Mackerel Foil Packets. Again, simple and effective is the name of the game here. This recipe uses only 7 ingredients! The cherry tomatoes – for which you can deftly substitute grape tomatoes, if you please – and capers will pack every bite with an explosion of flavour. Feel free to serve this dish on endive leaves for a wow factor that is also super convenient! 

The Main Events

Next, let’s keep it fresh with Fish Tacos featuring Gold Seal Pink Salmon. Fresh pico de gallo is certainly recommended, but in a pinch, feel free to substitute your favourite tomato salsa. Again, no cooking needed! That said, don’t forget to warm up the tortillas! Be sure to serve with a side of tortilla chips, so your guests can scoop up all the taco bits from their plates – they’ll want to!

Finally, it’s time for the piece de resistance: Salmon Burgers with Roasted Garlic Pineapple Aioli! Utilizing the rich goodness of sockeye, these patties use panko and chives as complementary flavours. The patties are perfectly complemented with a garlic and pineapple aioli and served on sourdough buns, it is the perfect finale. Finish the evening with a small dessert and your guests will never suspect this feast wasn’t a highly orchestrated Labour Day extravaganza!