5 Tips for Healthy Eating This Summer

Summer is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited! Camping trips, weekends at the cottage, barbecues, and patio drinks—it really doesn’t get any better! However, summer is a time when we tend to pay less attention to healthy eating, indulging every craving and leaning on convenient foods. After more than a year of pandemic lockdowns, we’re sure the temptation to treat ourselves will be stronger than ever. And let’s be honest, we’ve earned it! That’s why this summer is a great time to pay attention to healthy eating, without the restrictive diets. Start with these five tips for healthy eating for the summer: 


Healthy Eating Starts with Fruit & Vegetables 

We all know that getting enough fruits and veggies is the key to a healthy diet. They’re rich in nutrients, vitamins, fiber and so much more, while being comparatively low in calories. Most importantly, there are few things quite as delicious as fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies. Luckily, summer is the perfect time to enjoy them as so many of them are in season!  


Incorporate sweet peaches, tart berries, and crisp corn on the cob into recipes, meals, and snacks to enjoy the best that summer has to offer. Make it fun by taking the whole family to a farmer’s market or farm to explore more great seasonal options. 


Watch Your Portions 

One of the best ways to maintain your health is to watch your portions. This is where those seasonal veggies really come in handy! Fill half your plate with veggies and keep your portions of protein and carbs reasonable. Those veggies and a lean protein, like canned salmon, will keep you satisfied for hours—promise!  


Convenience is Key 

When you’re out being active, it’s easy to fall into bad habits like grabbing fast food or eating packaged convenience foods. That’s why it’s important to identify foods that are convenient, packable, yet still healthy. Again, many fruits and veggies will hit the mark here but there are also many packaged food options that are healthy and nutritious. Look for ones that are conveniently packaged, portioned according to your needs, and are preserved without extra additives or chemicals.  


Snack Smart 

You really can’t have a summer adventure without the right snacks. But, before you reach for the potato chips, remember that snacks are meant to fuel your body while satisfying your taste buds. Look for snacks that taste great while being high in nutrients and low in calories.   


Stay Hydrated! 

As temperatures climb, our bodies need more water. This is especially true when we’re being active, which results in increased water loss through sweat. Make sure you’re getting enough water this summer and remember that it’s the best way to stay hydrated. Plus, it’s calorie free! 


Healthy Eating Inspiration 

Need some inspiration to get you started on the right track to healthy eating? Try a few of our favourite summer recipes, featuring delicious Gold Seal seafood: Smoked Mackerel WrapsSalmon Egg Muffins and Fresh Spring Rolls with Salmon and Peanut Sauce 


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