What It Means to be Full of Good

We know that “Full of Good” sets a lofty bar, but it’s not just a claim—it’s our mission and promise to you. Gold Seal is committed to making sure that every can of our seafood is full of good: full of good taste, full of good for your health, and full of good for the world.

Tasty and Healthy

Made with simple, clean ingredients, Gold Seal canned salmon is a tasty source of protein. Our salmon is caught in the cold, clean waters of the Pacific Ocean and cooked just once before it’s packed, traditionally, with the skin and bones. This means that you get all the delicious flavour of wild-caught salmon and you also get all of the nutrients. In fact, our canned salmon is high in clean protein, omega-3s, and calcium. Use it to top a salad, add it to a weeknight casserole or just make a tasty salmon salad sandwich. You won’t be disappointed by the flavour and your body will thank you for the nourishment.

B Corp

While we believe in offering quality to our customers, we also believe in being full of good for the world. For this reason, we’ve worked to ensure that our salmon is responsibly caught and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Recently, we also became B Corp certified. As a certified B Corporation, we joined a global network of 2,700 companies across 60 countries who are using business as a force for good. These companies are committed to impacting their employees, communities, and the environment in a positive way. To be a B Corp, each of them is evaluated not just on their business performance but also on their overall positive impact.

As a consumer, you have choices: choices about the products you buy and the brands you support. Each dollar you spend is a vote and by purchasing from brands who are B Corp certified, you vote for companies who care about more than just profits. These companies are determined to positively impact the environment, their employees, and society. Use your vote to make a better choice every day and enjoy the delicious flavour of wild-caught canned seafood.

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