World Food Day: How We’re Joining the Fight Against Hunger

Marked yearly on October 16th, World Food Day is significant in the fight against global hunger. Over the years, it has become one of the most celebrated days of the UN calendar, raising awareness for those affected by poverty and hunger around the world.   


What Is World Food Day? 

World Food Day is a day that calls for action across 150 countries. Events and outreach activities bring together governments, businesses, NGOs, media outlets, academia, and the public to promote awareness for the need to eliminate hunger. In short, the day gives all of us an opportunity to take an active role in the fight against hunger around the world. 

But why are awareness and collective action so important? Simply put, far too many people around the world are unable to afford healthy diets, forcing them to rely on food banks and other food relief. By bringing awareness and action to this reality, World Food Day helps us to address these issues.   


We’re Making World Food Day Our Day, Every Day 

This year, the theme for World Food Day is to make it YOUR day by joining in the action to end hunger and work towards a more efficient, secure food system. Answering the call, we’re making World Food Day our day. As a brand, we’ve always seen preserving the health of our planet as a top priority. By ensuring that our salmon is caught and produced in a sustainable manner, we’re committed to reducing the negative impacts of food production on our environment. This also works to make the process of producing food more efficient, making more healthy food available to everyone. 

In addition to honouring our commitment to sustainable food production, we’re also taking more direct action to fight hunger by partnering with organizations that do important work to feed the hungry right here in Canada. We work with Food Banks CanadaBackpack BuddiesI Can for KidsRichmond School DistrictCoquitlam School District, Lotus Light Charity Society, United Way and Grocery Foundation to provide nourishment to the most vulnerable members of our communities. Realizing that each of these people is someone’s child, sibling, or parent, we’re grateful for our partners and the important work they do. With a strong commitment to serving Canadian families, we’ll continue to lean into fighting hunger by working with these partners on World Food Day, and every day. We hope you’ll make World Food Day your day, too, by joining us in the fight against hunger—educate yourself, join an event, or create your own action against hunger.  


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