Is Wild Caught Fish Really Better For You?

The debate rages on: wild caught versus aquacultured, or farmed, fish? While wild caught fish has long been rumoured to be healthier, many of us don’t really know why. More importantly, we don’t know whether the difference between the two is great enough to justify paying more for wild caught. After all, eating fish is generally considered to be healthy, right?

If you’ve always wondered about the specific benefits of wild caught fish, we’ve got you covered with the most important information.

Benefits of Wild Caught Fish

One of the most talked about benefits of wild caught fish is its fat content. Thanks to a natural, unprocessed diet, wild caught fish is generally lower in saturated fats and contains a better balance of healthy fats, like omega-3s. A diet of natural organisms also means that wild caught fish tends to be higher in healthy minerals.

Wild caught fish is also free of contaminants that are often found in aquaculture environments. These contaminants include potentially dangerous pesticides.

Finally, wild caught salmon are free of antibiotics that are commonly used to keep farmed fish healthy. Because they tend to be more densely packed into their environment, farmed fish are more susceptible to infections. To counter this, fish farms incorporate antibiotics into feed. While antibiotic use in fish farms in many countries, like Canada, is closely monitored and controlled, it’s worth keeping in mind that they are still present.

Is Wild Caught Fish Worth It?

The bottom line? While eating fish is generally good for you, choosing wild caught fish whenever possible is worthwhile. By choosing wild caught fish, you can rest assured that you’re not consuming harmful contaminants or antibiotics. Wild caught fish is also lower in saturated fats and tends to contain more healthy minerals. This is true of wild caught canned fish too! In fact, the canning process preserves all these healthy nutrients.

With all of this being said, it’s also important to consider how your wild caught fish is sourced. Look for fish that is sustainably sourced using responsible fishing practices. A great place to start is to look for the Marine Stewardship Council, or MSC, blue fish icon when purchasing fish. You’ll find it on all our Gold Seal salmon, which is wild caught and certified sustainable. MSC fisheries meet the highest sustainability standards, ensuring you and your family are getting the best quality fish.


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