The most beautiful Canadian lakes to visit this summer

Relaxing next to the shores of a pristine lake on a hot summer day is a Canadian pastime. When the thermostat begins to rise and there’s a long weekend around the corner, nothing beats a picturesque watery getaway. Canada has world-class natural destinations, but where to choose for that coveted vacation? To help narrow down the search, we’ve created this list of must-see summertime stops as well as some quick and easy picnic ideas to complete your experience!


Soak Up the Sun at Spotted Lake

Located near Osoyoos in the interior of British Columbia, Spotted Lake is a very unique destination. The lake is filled with a mix of minerals that, when the water is evaporated by the hot sun, creates hardened “spots” of beautiful, rich colours. In addition to that, BC’s scenic interior is home to its very own wine country. So when you have had enough sunshine by the lake, you can enjoy a world-class meal and a glass of vino at one of the areas many wineries!


Meander Around Magnificent Moraine Lake

One of the most photographed lakes in the world, Moraine Lake is an awe-inspiring lake nestled amongst the great Canadian Rockies. Leave the swimming trunks at home though! This lake is glacier-fed, so it is better seen than swam. Fret not, there are still many activities you can enjoy, such as canoeing, sightseeing, hiking, and picnicking.


Grab a Gander at a Great Lake

Situated with a great view of the Toronto skyline, Lake Ontario connects to the Atlantic Ocean via the St. Lawrence River. The smallest of our great lakes, it is still the 14th largest in the world! As such, it is a very popular boating destination. Other activities many enjoy here are birdwatching, relaxing on the beach, or visiting the many local sites.


Watch Wildlife Amongst Water and Wilderness

An astonishing green colour that gives the lake its name, Emerald Lake is located in British Columbia’s Yoho National Park. It’s the perfect secluded getaway yet easy to access with a vehicle. Ideal for birdwatching, Emerald Lake is known for excellent views of eagles and ospreys in their natural habitat. Great for hiking and canoeing, this lake is perfect for anyone who’s looking to get away from it all.