There’s Something New in Canned Salmon

We have a little confession to make. After months of development, it’s time for us to come clean: we’re adding an exciting new member to our canned salmon line! We couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce a new 120 gram can of boneless and skinless wild pink salmon to our line of products. If you’re paying attention, you’ve picked up on the fact that this can is smaller than our traditional canned salmon products. So why the smaller size? And is less truly more? We think so, and we’re happy to tell you why!

Canned Salmon in a Convenient Size

Maybe it’s a busy weeknight when everyone in the family has other commitments or maybe it’s the norm, but most home cooks will find themselves cooking for one at some point. But with recipes and package sizes being what they are, can you truly cook for one without being left with a mountain of leftovers? The answer is an emphatic: yes, you can!

This is precisely the type of scenario that inspired us to add a smaller can of our delicious wild pink salmon to the Gold Seal lineup. With 120 grams in the can, our new can of skinless and boneless wild pink salmon is portioned for convenience. Top a salad for one with it or make a single sandwich, it’s perfect for whatever you’re craving.

Skinless and Boneless

While we’re on the topic of convenience, let’s talk about what we left out of this mighty little can: the skin and bones. That’s right, you won’t find any skin or bones to mash in or pick out of this can! Instead, what you’ll find is a delicious, meaty steak of wild pink salmon cooked once with a touch of salt. This makes our 120-gram can uniquely suited to meals on the go. So, can you bring this new can to the office and enjoy lean, clean protein on the go with minimal prep? Again, the answer is an emphatic: yes, you can!

Developed with convenience in mind, this new 120-gram can of wild pink salmon reflects our passion for helping you easily incorporate more fish into your diet. So, go ahead and pick some up—we’re confident that passion will shine through as soon as you open the can.


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