Sockeye vs Pink Salmon

Regular readers of this blog are familiar with the many benefits of eating canned salmon: improved coronary health, optimal brain functioning, cellular and muscular benefits from protein, and a stronger immune system; to name a few. Gold Seal makes gaining these many health benefits as easy as can be with its array canned salmon options. But how much do you know one type of salmon from another?  Today, we are going to compare and contrast two staples from the Pacific Ocean, sockeye and pink salmon.

Let’s Get Physical

Sockeye and pink salmon are both salmon found in the Pacific Ocean, particularly in Alaska. Sockeye salmon, also known as red salmon on account of its bright colouring as an adult, weighs in around 6 pounds on average. Pink salmon – the smallest of all pacific salmon – weighs in at only 4 pounds!

The Meat of the Matter

Pink salmon, also known as oncorhynchus gorbuscha, is known for its light pink flesh. Pink salmon is most often canned, but can also be bought fresh or frozen. The most abundant and most caught of all the Pacific salmon, pink salmon known for having a mild flavour and relatively low oil content. As such, pink is great for those who find sockeye too rich for their tastes. This flavour profile makes it better suited to being part of a culinary ensemble, compared to the sockeye’s prima donna status. A great example of this is this potluck salmon recipe.

A Matter of Taste

Whereas pink salmon is light and mild, sockeye salmon is a flavourful and rich. It has a relatively high fat content, loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. The sockeye from Copper River in Alaska is considered amongst the best tasting salmon in the world. Sockeye comes in many forms including canned, fresh, and frozen. The sockeye’s amazing flavour makes it an ideal smoked salmon also.  The sockeye’s rich, flavourful meat makes it a great focal point in any dish it is part of. It is well suited to being grilled, broiled, or pan fried when cooking fillets or steaks. A great example of how sockeye can do the heavy lifting in a dish is this Salmon Potato Salad.