5 Fast Facts About Pink Salmon

Let’s talk about pink salmon! If you’ve never tried this delicious healthy fish, it’s time to venture out of that mealtime comfort zone and find your new favourite ingredient. But before you dive in, get to know this tasty source of protein with a few fast facts.

Wild Pink Salmon comes from the North Pacific and the Arctic Ocean

Wild Pink Salmon is found throughout the cold coastal waters of the North Pacific, Arctic Ocean and nearby seas. Pink salmon spend 18 months at sea before they return to the stream or river where they hatched to spawn. With the shortest lifespan of Pacific salmon wild pink salmon die shortly after they’ve spawned, completing their lifecycle in just two years.

It’s the smallest of the Pacific Salmon

Pink salmon are the smallest of the Pacific salmon measuring 20-25 inches and weighing in at 3.5 to 5 pounds. At sea, this species is silvery with a bright metallic upper half and several black spots. After spawning, males develop pink sides with brown spots and females have an olive coloured upper side and light under side. A humped back and hooked upper jaw, called a kype, distinguish wild pink salmon from other species.

Full of Good

What do we mean when we say that Gold Seal Pink Salmon is full of good? For starters, it’s uniquely nutritious. With more than 22 grams of protein in our new conveniently sized 120 gram can, it’s safe to say that canned salmon is an excellent source of protein. It’s also a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have so many health benefits that we wrote a post about them. Finally, canned salmon is low in fat and free of trans fats.

Most importantly, pink salmon is full of delicious flavour and is irresistibly textured. Perfect for the salmon beginner, it has a mild flavour compared to other types of salmon. It’s also has a softer pink flesh with small flakes.

It makes your favourite recipes better

Canned salmon is the perfect way to add lean protein to your favourite recipes. For example, your favourite salads become satisfying meals with the addition of pink salmon. It’s also a great way to add protein to grain and veggie bowls, substituting tofu or chicken perfectly. And let’s not forget about pasta! With the help of canned salmon and a high-quality jar of sauce, Authentica is our favourite, the whole family will love it in no time!

And there are a few new ways to use it too!

If you’re new to canned salmon, you might not be familiar with some of the recipes it’s uniquely suited to. For instance, try a salmon soup recipe. Or did you know that there is an astonishing number of salmon burger recipes that are best made using canned salmon? And then there’s salmon quesadillas… Really, you can’t go wrong with salmon quesadillas.


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