Mackerel might be a small fish to fry, but they are mighty in many other ways. Found mainly in the cold waters of North America and Europe, mackerel swim in large schools in the open ocean. Today, we’re going to demonstrate that these might morsels have a lot to offer. 

Health Benefits

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Mackerel is packed full of nutrients. Did you know that, pound for pound, canned mackerel has more omega-3 fatty acids than other fish? In 3 ounces of cooked mackerel you will find 1.1 grams of omega-3 fatty acids! These good fats are an important part of nutrition and a balanced diet. Omega-3s are known for their many health benefits including reducing inflammation and potentially lowering the risk of cancer, and arthritis. According to the AHA, just 2 cans of mackerel a day they can help protect against heart disease by lowering cholesterol and improving hypertension. 

That’s already a sizable amount of benefits from this little fish, but there’s even more. Canned mackerel is a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals. It is rich in B vitamins, especially vitamin B12, which is important for bone health and red blood cell formation. That same 3-ounce (84 grams) serving of Mackerel provides nearly 700% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin B12. On top of all that, canned mackerel is also a fantastic source of selenium, a mineral that helps reduce the signs of aging by protecting our cells against damaging free radicals.

Taste & Convenience

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One thing to note: due to its high oil content, fresh mackerel has a relatively short shelf life. It’s important to eat fresh mackerel the same day you buy it and store no more than 24 hours. So, considering the delicate nature of this fresh fish, the canned alternative is the way to go. Canned mackerel comes boneless and skinless, so there is no messing around with any parts you don’t enjoy. Not only is it incredibly convenient, it tastes great and can be stored easily! When cooking, you can add canned mackerel anywhere you’d normally use salmon or tuna.  On its own, canned mackerel has a delicious light taste and wonderful texture which makes it a nutritious and delicious snack the whole family can enjoy.

So, next time you are at your local grocer, try mixing it up with some delicious canned mackerel. It’s the little, delicious fish that packs huge health benefits!