What MSC Certification Means to Us, And Why You Should Care

With so many food certifications out there, it can be difficult to understand what they all mean and develop a sense of which ones are important to you. Should you be looking for certified organic, or non-GMO? And how about Fair Trade and MSC? This is just the tip of the iceberg—there are countless other certifications and corresponding labels out there! If you’re struggling to make sense of them all, you’re not alone.  

While we can’t shed light on every certification and label, we can certainly help you understand why we’re so proud that all Gold Seal wild salmon is certified sustainable by the MSC, or Marine Stewardship Council. More importantly, we’re happy to share why we think MSC certification should be an important consideration for you when you’re purchasing salmon for your family. 

What It Means to be Certified Sustainable by the MSC 

Protecting our oceans and fish stocks, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an independent organization that has been setting a high standard for sustainable fishing over the past two decades. MSC uses science-based requirements for sustainable fishing and works with fisheries to ensure that fish is caught using sustainable methods that won’t deplete fish stock in the long term. This certification also means that a fishery is working to minimize harm to the ocean overall, not just to specific species. For example, MSC certified fisheries only use fishing methods that minimize the impact on other species, by reducing bycatch of unintended species. 

For us, this means that our range of canned wild salmon are responsibly caught and are traceable from ocean to plate. 

Why You Should Care About MSC Certification 

If sustainability and responsible fishing practices still feel like abstract concepts to you, let us help you explore why you should care about MSC certification. For starters, our oceans produce over 70 percent of our planet’s oxygen and are home to an incredible 94 percent of Earth’s living species. In short, the ocean is an important part of life on Earth, and we need to make it a priority to protect its delicate ecosystem by ensuring marine life populations remain balanced and healthy.  

As a consumer, you have an opportunity to protect the ocean and marine species by choosing seafood products that are responsibly sourced. Look for products that are certified by the MSC and rest assured that they were caught in a sustainable manner.  

What to Look for at the Grocery Store 


Ready to shop for seafood responsibly? Simply look for the MSC blue fish label when purchasing salmon at your local grocery store. This label tells you that your seafood was caught responsibly and is traceable from ocean to table. 

You’ll find this label on all of our Gold Seal wild salmon products, including: Wild Sockeye SalmonSkinless Boneless Wild Sockeye SalmonNo Salt Added Wild Sockeye SalmonWild Pink Salmon,  Skinless Boneless Wild Pink SalmonNo Salt Added Wild Pink Salmon 


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