Why You’re Going to Love Our Skinless Boneless Pink Salmon

Not too long ago, we introduced a new addition to our lineup of canned wild salmon: a new skinless boneless pink salmon in a 120-gram can. Several months on, we’re still as excited about this new product as we were the day it launched. And really, how could we not be when there are just so many things about it to love.


Why Skinless Boneless Pink Salmon?

If you’re used to traditional canned salmon, you might wonder why we’re so excited about a skinless boneless version. Simply put, we love skinless boneless for its convenience. Because you might not always want the skin and bones! Some recipes, for example, call for their removal. Similarly, if you’re looking for a convenient protein boost to top a salad with or to enjoy right out of the can, you might not want to put in the time and effort to mash the skin and bones into your salmon. Skinless boneless pink salmon offers an elegant solution in both these scenarios. Even better, the 120-gram can is perfectly portioned for one person! This makes it the perfect mealtime solution whether you’re on the go or simply preparing a quick meal for one.


No Skin or Bones, Still Full of Good

We’ve always been passionate about bringing nutritious products to your table and this skinless boneless pink salmon is no exception. In just one 120-gram can, you’ll get 1,310 mg of omega-3s, good for your brain, skin, and eyes. You’ll also get 24 grams of protein, keeping you satisfied for hours. A source of vitamin D and selenium, our salmon is low in fat and free of trans fats.

Really, what we’re trying to say is that you simply can’t go wrong with our new skinless boneless pink salmon. It’s convenient, nutritious, and still has the great taste you’ve come to love from traditional canned salmon.


Ready to try it? Here are a few simple recipes to get you started:


Salmon Pesto Salad


Salmon Ramen


Salmon Bagel



We’d love to know how you like these recipes, so don’t forget to rate and review them!


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