Plan the Ultimate Distanced Easter Brunch with these Ideas and Recipes

Easter is just around the corner, but this year it’s going to be a little different. While big in-person family gatherings might still be on hold, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a festive Easter brunch within your household. To help you plan the ultimate distanced Easter brunch, we’ve compiled a few ideas and Gold Seal recipes worth working into your family brunch.

Keeping Up Easter Brunch Traditions

For many families, Easter traditions include a big family meal and an Easter egg hunt or egg painting. Even though we can’t get together for these things this year, we can make the most of technology and plan these events virtually! For starters, plan to have Easter brunch as a family even if you’re separated in different households. You can do this by planning an Easter brunch menu with the same dishes prepared across households and then enjoying the meal together via video chat. If members of your family get together to prepare holiday meals, they can still enjoy the experience of cooking together with the help of video chat.

If you have little ones in the family, or just chocolate lovers, the Easter Egg hunt is probably the main event for the day! With a little planning, we promise that this year’s Easter Egg hunt will be just as memorable as previous years.

To pull it off well, designate one member of each household to hide the eggs and chocolates. Schedule a time when everyone who is hiding eggs can put their heads together via video call to come up with hiding spots across every household. This will give every member of the family, including grandparents who might be isolated, an opportunity to be part of the process just like any other year. On the day of the hunt, have each household take turns hunting for eggs via video chat with the designated person who hid the eggs manning the camera. By taking turns, each household can participate in everyone’s hunt by cheering them on or giving them hints. Plus, it creates a bit of extra anticipation and excitement!

Easter Brunch Recipes

With the logistics of Easter Brunch squared away, we can turn our attention to the best part: the food! Eating fish at Easter is a long-standing tradition with roots in Christianity. Today, many families continue to observe this tradition. If your family is one of them, we have some great recipes for this year’s family brunch:

Smoked Mackerel Wonton Cups


Fisherman’s Eggs


Gold Seal Wild Sardines in Soya Oil, parsley, parmesan, spinach and red peppers make this baked egg dish incredibly flavourful. More importantly, it’s quick and easy to prepare.

Make-Ahead Breakfast Wrap


If you want to take it easy on Easter and focus on fun activities and time spent together, there’s no better way to prepare than to make these make-ahead breakfast wraps. With just 30 minutes the day or night before, you can create a delicious, healthy brunch.

Smoked Mackerel Toast


If you prefer a more relaxed brunch with finger food, this smoked mackerel toast is the perfect way to go. Perfectly balanced and simple to make, this toast is a guaranteed hit.


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